First Blacks in The Americas

The African Presence in The Dominican Republic

Manuscript No. 035

Date:    1545, April 24. Valladolid, Spain
Theme: Communication from Spain’s Prince Phillip to oidor (auditor judge) Alonso Cerrato expressing concern about uprisings of maroon blacks, the attacks they have conducted against villages and rural areas of the center and north of the island, the fear this has generated among the Spanish settlers of those areas, and the need to exert "great punishment and constraint" on them so they remain obedient to their masters.  In his message the Prince also referred to some communities of indians reportedly still being enslaved in the island
Source: PARES, Portal de Archivos Españoles, Archivo General de Indias, SANTO_DOMINGO, 868,L.2-250 Recto-Imagen Núm:499/766
 - 251 Recto-Imagen Núm: 501/766

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