First Blacks in The Americas

The African Presence in The Dominican Republic

Manuscript No. 034

Date:    1545, April 24.  Valladolid, Spain
Theme: In a letter-instruction from Prince Phillip of Spain to a Crown’s envoy-auditor (and designated oidor) sent to Santo Domingo, the prince approved the selling to the City of eighteen (Black) slaves owned by the Crown and the sending of a military squad to fight two groups of maroons roaming in La Española, both occurred the year before; recommended the issuing of ordinances regulating the treatment of slaves by masters; and okayed a local discussion about freeing or deporting ladino or creole enslaved Blacks due to their fixation with obtaining liberty and their inclination to incite non-ladino slaves to rebel for it
Source: PARES, Archivo General de Indias, SANTO_DOMINGO,868,L.2-245 Recto–Imagen Núm:489/766

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